poker room does not share information with this host -- no consistent  limit omaha or mixed games



2comp$ per hr of play, coffee/tea/water station, sandwiches/cookies
$4 rake, plus $1 promotional fund -- bonuses

Mondays 6pm 3x6 Omaha hi/lo - hit or miss

Daily 1-5 spread limit Stud - hit or miss

P L E A S E   S U P P O R T   T H E   D E V E L O P M E N T   O F   M I X E D   G A M E S   I N   R E N O ! ! !​


1comp$ per hr of play, free soup/soda/etc.

$4 rake, plus $1 promotional fund -- high hand bonuses, NO jackpot

No regular weekly tourneys

Daily 4x8 Omaha hi/lo - hit or miss on weekdays (conservative daytime play if game gets started), weekend nights can be very good 


BEST Omaha & Stud Venue in Reno!

ACTIVE  Limit Omaha & Pineapple cash games

progressive bonus and high hand payouts!!

BAD BEAT JACKPOT currently over $33,000 for mixed games

and mini bad beat $599 to loser/$300 to winner/$100 to everyone else



   GSR - Grand Sierra resort & CASINO

               BEST OMAHA & STUD IN RENO!!

            2comp$/hr, free food -- designated personal host andreserved seating for non-holdem games

             $4 max rake / $1 promo

           --  Omaha & Pineapple progressive bonus payouts up to $599 per hand!!! --  

         --  Dealt quads in hole receive instant $100 in chips  --

         --  Big and Mini BAD BEAT JACKPOTS -- 

  WEEKLY at RenoGSR:

  Every MONDAY at 4:00pm
 6x12 limit BigOmaha8 (5 cards) - juicy!

   (with full kill when scoop $80 pot)    

​ Every FRIDAY at 4:00pm
 6x12 limit mixed game - 
only mixed limit game in town
 Omaha (hi)
 Omaha Eight or Better (hi/lo)

 Crazy Pineapple Eight or Better (hi/lo)
 Stud Eight or Better (hi/lo) 

  (no kill; game changes each time button moves to seat 1)

 Every SATURDAY at 1:00pm
 8x16 limit Omaha8
- tons of action, waiting list 

  VOTED best Omaha game in Reno for 4 years steady!
  (with half kill when scoop $100 pot)



           TEXT GAME HOST at 615-969-0267 





        GSR poker room at 775-789-2313